Powerhouse of Love & Faith

1. To reach the detached and saved with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

2. To help those who have grown clod and became backsliders.

3. To stand up again and encourage them to serve Jesus Christ with a new commitment.

4. To heal the sick through prayer and laying on of hands.

5. To feed and clothe the poor as much as possible.

6. To establish congregations where there are none.

7. To raise up spiritual leadership for these congregations.

8. To make disciples and converts of all who are born again.

9. To bring revival to the hearts of believers through revival meetings, conferences, and to reestablish the men and women of God in their calling

10. To help those without work to be trained in certain skills to become self supporting as much as possible.

11. To bring hope to the hopeless and to help them to get their self worth back.

12. To not only preach Jesus to people but to demonstrate Jesus to them through love and by caring for them.

Powerhouse of Love and Faith Vision Statements