Powerhouse of Love & Faith

Senior Pastor Cheryl Skelton

          "God I’m your instrument and whatever sound you want to make through me, you’re welcomed to play me." That’s the personal motto of Senior Pastor Cheryl. Pastor Cheryl is a woman of God who truly understands what it means to be used of the Lord. Her passion is to continually seek the Lord for wisdom and direction of the ministry. Her walk as a Christian began at the age of 12. She became a member of Revivals for Jesus Church under the leadership of Bishop Charles Johnson. Her journey began with her seeking God for direction for her life; searching for purpose. While doing so she later moved her membership to Revivals for Jesus Light House under the leadership of Pastor Dorothy Batts and served there as a faithful usher and choir member. In 1990 the Lord lead her mother (the on time Overseer Seles Smith) to begin the Power House of Love and Faith Center, Inc. Ministry.                                                                                                                                

         She joined her mother to help increase the ministry by taking on the responsibility of assistant secretary, member of the board of directors and becoming a part of the choir and praise and worship ministry. She accepted the call to minister the word of God in October 1993 and was ordained as a minister in 1995. In September 2010, the Lord saw fit to call the Pastor (Overseer Seles Smith) home to glory and God in His awesome wisdom did not leave PHOLF without a plan. Approximately 2 years before Overseer went to glory, God lead her to instruct and prepare Pastor Cheryl to become Senior Pastor of PHOLF. She was installed October 3, 2010. The experience of the passing of her mother and overseer was one of the biggest ordeals she had ever encountered; but God has truly manifested himself to be the orchestrator of her life. God’s strength has taken her to a place where Holy Spirit is her complete source of direction for the ministry. Pastor Cheryl has passion and compassion to help God’s people understand the importance of seeking and pursuing God’s purpose for their life. She has a heart to compel those that are lost in a world of sin.
          Her dedication to the ministry has lead her to relinquish her secular job as an educator for the Cumberland County School system and devote her life full time to the ministry. She is the anointed wife of Pastor Don Skelton. God ordained the union on June 22, 1996 and cause an explosion of ministry in the joining of the hearts. The illustration of their marriage has been a powerful tool in the healing of other marriages. Together they are allowing God to lead them into new realms of the spirit in order to take the ministry to the next level. Pastor Cheryl truly believes that preaching the unadulterated word of God without compromise will empower God’s people to live Holy.