Powerhouse of Love & Faith

          Power House of Love and Faith is not just a church, but it is an anointed ministry that was founded by the on time Overseer Seles Smith in May 1990 and built on God’s love and our faith. We believe in embracing all races, cultural backgrounds, ages and stages of life who seek to have a relationship with Jesus. As a body of believers, our motto is "Empowering a generation to love without limits". We believe in one God who has revealed himself in three persons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy   Spirit. Holy Spirit has lead us to strive to bring hope to the hopeless and to help them get their self-worth. Through our weekly services, revival meetings, trainings, and conferences, we pursue to bring revival to the hearts of men and women of God in order to reestablish their calling. Our doors always swing on open hinges and you are welcome to come and join in on any one of our power packed anointed filled services. Come and experience the love.

                                                  May the blessing of God be upon you !