Powerhouse of Love & Faith

Co Pastor Germel Hoffler

            Co- Pastor is a teacher, preacher, who articulates the Word of God in an explosive and courageous kind of way. From Deacon, to Minister, to Men’s Ministry President, to Assistant Pastor, this young man believes if you truly devote yourself to God and give Him the opportunity to reign sovereign in your life He will consistently" blow your mind." Co-Pastor is extremely grateful to his leaders that have transitioned to be with the Lord. His grandmother the "on time" Overseer Seles Smith along with her Assistant Pastor Oscar Lee Bryant for their demonstrations of obedience, faithfulness, and love towards God and His people. As a result of their transition in 2010 the Lord in His infinite wisdom did not leave PHOLF without a plan for leadership. On October 3, 2010 Germel was installed as Assistant Pastor of PHOLF and he serves under the leadership of Senior Pastor Cheryl and her husband Pastor Don Skelton. Germel is the annointed husband of Chanel Hoffler and the Lord has blessed them with three wonderful children Janiya, Jayla, and Isaiah. He and Lady Chanel were joined together in marriage on May 13, 2000. Their marriage has been inspirational in the lives of many both young and old. Together they oversee the youth ministry and children’s church. Co-Pastor and Lady Chanel believes that "Everybody is somebody so nobody is exempt from hearing the Word of God". (Ref) Mark 16:15.

                                                                       Co-Pastor Germel Hoffler "God’s Rock Star"